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Indogreen is the largest exhibition in Indonesia. This expo is held every year. There are many events and multiple transactions in business investment including the international furniture expo.

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Bizarre crocodille
The exhibition was held since 5 years ago and has become an annual event the Ministry of Forestry. This expo presents a lot of great potential in forestry sector and showcase the uniqueness of forest in various regions. The event also offers business meetings and investment programs. Many strategic information are presented here, including programs and action by the government and private sectors especially in carrying out reclamation of mined lands and forest conservation.
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The Ministry of Forestry
The event is usually held every year on April. Next, Indogreen Forestry Expo would be opened at the Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). This event is to support the government's program "Growth with Equity in Suistainable Forestry Sector Toward 2020". Indogreen Forestry Expo also supports Indonesia's effort to realize concept of green lifestyle, it's about Indonesia Goes Green.
stand: WWF in indogreen forestry expo
WWF Indonesia
During the exhibition, many interesting activities to be followed. There are hot quizzes and cool competitions, talk shows, national dialogue on sustainable forest management, business meetings, forestry and mining presentation, Green Fun Bike, Forester Tour, tree planting, and workshops. These activities are expected to be educating entertainment for general public and to be useful to increase their knowledge.
foto indogreen forestry expo
Stand peserta
Stakeholders who are involved in exhibition are all elements of society which support The Green Indonesia. The participants are including: Indonesian Forestry of Ministry, District Forest Service, Provincial Forestry Office, State Forestry and Plantations, forestry and plantation investment companies, mining industries, timber industries, oil and gas companies, furniture companies, private plantation companies, ecotourism and agrotourism management, also forestry machinery and equipment companies.
stand arutmin in indogreen forestry expo
PT Arutmin Indonesia
The materials that show off in Indogreen are typical timber products, medicinal herbs, eco-friendly products, potentials of Indonesian nature tourism, rare animals and endangered plants , pulp and paper processing technology, environment and energy management techniques, and investment services business in the mining, forestry, plantation, oil and gas, communication, and many more options.
stand harfam franchise in indogreen forestry expo
Harfam Franchise
About the Indogreen that was held in 2015, it had been visited by more than 10,000 visitors and it was followed by 150 exhibitors. In 2016, the target event is visited more than 20,000 visitors who come from representatives of other countries, officials of central and local government, domestic and foreign investors, entrepreneurs from multi-sector, academics, environmental activists, and general public. We expect that this exhibition can continue in the coming year.
stand beraucoal in indogreen forestry expo
Berau Coal
Indogreen provides multiple transactions in business investment both in forestry and non-forestry sectors. The expectations of exhibition is to create patterns of partnerships in order to support the government's programs for sustainable forest management and Indonesian forest function as lungs of the world.
stand freeport in indogreen forestry expo
PT Freeport Indonesia
Further information: The Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia and PT. Wahyu Promo Citra, Jakarta.

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